Why yoga has become the go-to workout for millennials 

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Millennials (anyone born between 1980 and 1997) are typically known for the promotion of change and the constant need for more and focus on what is next. What about the here and now? What is wrong with living and enjoying this exact moment? After all, it is never going to happen again…

Millennials are typically a stressed-out generation working harder and harder in order to prove themselves, from working hard at school, to University, to unpaid internships to climbing that greasy ladder they call the ‘career ladder’ – definitely much harder than most people had envisaged… Yoga can help us take a big deep breath and remember that nothing is set in stone, that things are transient and all part of the bigger picture. In this sense, yoga is a great solution to deal with the stresses and expectations of millennial life.

Yoga is also a great way to tone without really realising that you are doing it. You think you may be relaxing and stretching but you are, in fact, also engaging that core and muscles that you never thought you had! Millennials love a deal and this is a great deal…


Yoga is also a brilliant way to keep not only your body but also your mind and soul healthy. A practice that will go way beyond the mat and can be applied to everyday life. Yoga also teaches us to not worry about the things that don’t matter, including other people’s opinions, social media and what may happen in the future. It teaches us millennials to focus on living life right here and right now, whilst keeping us sane and balanced at the same time!

Can you break yourself in gently?

Absolutely – classes usually range between 45minutes and 1hr30 minutes and as well as the different types of yoga out there, there are also many options to attend a beginner’s classes up to more advanced classes. Most teachers will also offer alternatives to more challenging postures to support beginner’s practice.

If your weekly schedule doesn’t allow to attend a class in a studio – home practice is a great way to start off – all you need is a mat, some comfy clothing and the right attitude.

YouTube have so many videos with various timings that allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home for an amount of time that fits in and works around you.

Why not try getting up 15 minutes earlier and finding a quick class on YouTube to kick start your practice and your day?

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How often should you do it?

One of the most wonderful things about yoga is there is no optimum amount of time you need to practice – it is totally up to you, what feels right and best for you but also, most importantly, for those with busy diaries, whatever fits in best with your own schedule.