Benefits of Yoga




There are a number of physical and

psychological benefits of yoga.



  • Increases your flexibility – you don’t need to be flexible to embark on your yoga journey – it will be a gradual process, improving over time as you develop your practice


  • Increases your muscle strength and tone – when you build your strength through yoga, you are also balancing it with your flexibility (often missed out on when training in the gym or with weights)


  • Protects your spine and perfects your posture – a well-balanced practice will help keep your disks supple as well as assist with curves in the spine caused by slumping (a common issue caused by sitting at a desk Monday – Friday 9-5!)


  • Increases your blood flow – yoga gets more oxygen into your cells, which function better as a direct result of yoga practice


  • Releases tension in your limbs – as you start to practice yoga, you will notice where you hold tension in your body- wrists, arms and shoulders are commonly tenser areas of the body
















  • Helps you focus – an important part of yoga practice is to focus on the present and allow yourself to be in the ‘here and now’


  • Relaxes your system – yoga encourages you to relax and slow your breath which has calming and restorative qualities


  • Gives your lungs room to breathe – yoga promotes breathing through the nose which filters the air you are inhaling


  • Increases self-esteem – through your yoga practice, you will experience feelings of forgiveness and gratitude which can then be applied to your everyday life


  • Gives you inner strength – through focus, yoga can give you the inner strength to make the conscious effort to change things in your life that are causing you angst or upset

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